ATA Acting Studio provides One & Two-day Workshops that coincide with the school holidays. They are offered separately to both the senior and junior actors.


These workshops will differ throughout the year in location depending on availability. They will cover various Industry topics and will be publicized beforehand. The Holiday Workshops are limited to small groups and allow for lots of one-on-one time & training.


Past Holiday workshops have included Showreel Workshops, Industry Workshops & Self Tape Workshops. All material in these workshops are filmed and given to each actor on completion. We also have had industry representatives attend these workshops at no extra cost, providing an incredible opportunity for exposure.


These workshops, along with the regular classes, provide a very affordable way of updating skills and acting technique.



"Adam has given my two children an opportunity flourish under his guidance. My children have grown & blossomed and are more confident. They have also learnt projection of voice and gained confidence performing in front of adults and their peers. He is kind & patient and makes the whole experience so much fun for them."

- Julie Gallagher