These group classes concentrate on finding the truth in your characters through rehearsal & performance.


Each class consists of Scene Study and Improvisation and is tailored to suit each different age group.


Actors are given multiple scenes to work through while attempting to find authenticity in their characters. This is done through a range of different exercises. We concentrate on Character Background and Development, Personalisation and Script Analysis. This is then combined with Listening Exercises to allow each actor to be Present in each scene. Actors will then, in turn, try to find new moments each time they do the scene.


The fundamentals of acting are the same, whether it is for stage or screen. Actors are encouraged to be as authentic as possible.


The Classes for the Junior Actors combine focus, fun and acting skills, while the Senior Classes are more advanced and centre on believability. Each Class provides a nurturing environment to allow progress of each individual. Whether it is confidence or Professional Acting Skills, each actor is treated independently within a group envrironment.


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"My two boys Sam and Gus, will be entering their third year with ATA Acting in 2017. It has been such a joy to watch my boy's confidence grow and how that new confidence has impacted positively on all aspects of their lives. The end of year showcase was an amazingly positive experience for both them, and me! I highly recommend ATA Acting Classes, for children of all ages."


- Rae Davies





"My son has been taking acting classes with Adam for over 6 years now. Adam has patience, talent & knowledge of the industry. He guides the kids at their pace to achieve their own goals. If they just want to learn to perform in front of people and improve their confidence... These classes are for them. If they are serious about acting and want to actually obtain work these classes are also for them. The showcases at the end of the year are a true picture of Adams dedication to his kid"


- Georgia Nabie